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First published: 03/15/2023 - Updated on: 04/29/2024

Are you searching for a tire that offers exceptional performance, handling, and traction? Look no further! In this detailed review, we’ll explore the Continental ExtremeContact Sport, highlighting its many features to help you make an informed decision. Get ready to discover why this tire is a top choice for performance enthusiasts.

Wheel Size (inches) Tire Sizes Available
15″ 205/50R15
16″ 205/45R16, 205/50R16, 205/55R16, 225/50R16
17″ 205/45R17, 215/45R17, 225/45R17, 235/45R17, 245/45R17, 255/40R17, 275/40R17, 215/50R17, 225/50R17, 235/50R17, 245/50R17
18″ 225/40R18, 235/40R18, 245/40R18, 255/40R18, 265/40R18, 275/40R18, 285/40R18, 295/40R18, 215/45R18, 225/45R18, 235/45R18, 245/45R18, 255/45R18, 265/45R18, 275/45R18, 285/45R18, 295/45R18
19″ 225/35R19, 235/35R19, 245/35R19, 255/35R19, 265/35R19, 275/35R19, 285/35R19, 295/35R19, 305/35R19, 325/35R19, 225/40R19, 235/40R19, 245/40R19, 255/40R19, 265/40R19, 275/40R19, 285/40R19
20″ 245/35R20, 255/35R20, 265/35R20, 275/35R20, 285/35R20, 295/35R20, 305/35R20, 315/35R20, 325/35R20, 245/40R20, 255/40R20, 265/40R20, 275/40R20, 285/40R20

Performance: Outstanding in All Conditions

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport is designed to excel in various driving conditions, offering exceptional performance on dry, wet, and even light snow surfaces. Its SportPlus Technology ensures precise steering and excellent handling, providing a driving experience that is both exhilarating and confidence-inspiring. If you’re searching for a tire that delivers exceptional performance across a range of conditions, the ExtremeContact Sport is a top contender.

Traction: Unwavering Grip for Complete Control

This tire boasts impressive traction, ensuring that you maintain control of your vehicle in various driving situations. Its advanced silica-enhanced compound and asymmetric tread design provide excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces. With the Continental ExtremeContact Sport, you can enjoy complete control of your vehicle, regardless of the road conditions.

Durability: Engineered for Longevity

The ExtremeContact Sport is designed with durability in mind, featuring a robust construction that resists wear and tear. Its high-quality materials and innovative design ensure a long lifespan, making it a reliable choice for drivers who expect their tires to endure rigorous use. The tire’s robust construction and optimized footprint enhance its durability, providing you with a tire that’s built to last.

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Comfort: High-Performance Meets Smooth Ride

Despite its focus on performance, the Continental ExtremeContact Sport delivers a comfortable and quiet ride. Its unique tread pattern, which features noise-blocking ribs, minimizes road noise and vibrations, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. The tire’s advanced compound also contributes to ride comfort, providing excellent shock absorption and reducing the impact of road imperfections.

Fuel Efficiency: Performance without Compromise

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport offers a balance of performance and fuel efficiency. Its advanced compound and construction help to minimize rolling resistance without sacrificing performance, ensuring that you can enjoy the tire’s exceptional capabilities without a significant impact on your fuel consumption.

Handling: Precision and Control at Every Turn

The ExtremeContact Sport provides exceptional handling, particularly when cornering and maneuvering at high speeds. Its SportPlus Technology, combined with its advanced compound and asymmetric tread design, delivers incredible steering response and lateral grip, allowing you to navigate tight turns and demanding roads with ease. If you’re looking for a tire that can keep up with your driving style, the ExtremeContact Sport is the perfect choice.

Braking: Stopping Power You Can Rely On

Safety is paramount, and the Continental ExtremeContact Sport delivers remarkable braking performance. Its advanced compound and tread design provide excellent grip, contributing to short stopping distances on both dry and wet surfaces. With this tire on your vehicle, you can have confidence in your ability to stop quickly and safely when needed.

Stability: Maintaining Composure at High Speeds

The ExtremeContact Sport is designed to provide exceptional stability at high speeds and during sudden maneuvers. Its advanced construction and cutting-edge technology ensure that your vehicle remains composed and stable, even during aggressive driving. With the Continental ExtremeContact Sport, you can enjoy thrilling drives without compromising safety.

Tread Life: Designed for High-Performance Longevity

While high-performance tires are not typically known for their long tread life, the Continental ExtremeContact Sport defies this trend. Its advanced compound and optimized footprint contribute to even wear, extending the tire’s lifespan and making it an excellent investment for drivers who demand both performance and durability.

Price: A High-Performance Tire at a Competitive Price

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport is competitively priced within the high-performance tire market, offering a premium product at a fair price. Its combination of performance, durability, and handling make it a great value for your money. If you’re searching for a high-performance tire that won’t break the bank, the ExtremeContact Sport should be on your radar.

Warranty: Confidence in Your Investment

Continental offers a limited warranty on the ExtremeContact Sport, covering manufacturing defects and providing coverage for treadwear. The tire comes with a 30,000-mile limited treadwear warranty, showcasing Continental’s confidence in the quality and performance of their product.

Size and Compatibility: A Wide Range of Options

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport is available in a broad range of sizes, designed to fit a variety of high-performance vehicles, including sports cars, luxury sedans, and performance SUVs. Be sure to verify the correct tire size for your vehicle before purchasing to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

Technical Specs: Key Features of the ExtremeContact Sport

  • Tire type: Ultra-high-performance summer tire
  • Sizes available: Wide range of sizes to fit various high-performance vehicles
  • Treadwear: 30,000-mile limited treadwear warranty
  • Construction: Radial
  • Sidewall: Reinforced for added durability
  • Load capacity: Varies depending on the tire size and load index
  • Speed rating: Available in W (168 mph) and Y (186 mph) speed ratings

Real Testimonials: Hear It from the Users

Testimonial 1: “The Continental ExtremeContact Sport has transformed the way my car handles. The grip and responsiveness are outstanding, giving me the confidence to tackle demanding roads with ease. I highly recommend these tires to any performance enthusiast.” – Brian L.

Testimonial 2: “I’ve tried several high-performance tires, but the ExtremeContact Sport truly stands out. The traction and handling are exceptional, and the ride is surprisingly comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to switch to these tires.” – Sarah P.

Testimonial 3: “I recently installed the Continental ExtremeContact Sport on my sports car, and I’ve been blown away by the performance. The handling is precise, the braking is excellent, and the tire performs exceptionally well in both dry and wet conditions. I couldn’t ask for a better tire for my car.” – Michael D.

Who Should Buy: Performance Enthusiasts and Demanding Drivers

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport is an excellent choice for performance enthusiasts and demanding drivers who require a tire that offers outstanding handling, traction, and stability. It’s well-suited for those with high-performance vehicles, such as sports cars, luxury sedans, and performance SUVs, who seek a tire that can handle their aggressive driving style.

Conclusion: A High-Performance Tire Worth Considering

In summary, the Continental ExtremeContact Sport is a high-performance tire that excels in various driving conditions, offering exceptional handling, traction, and stability. Its advanced technology and innovative design make it a top choice for drivers who demand the best from their tires. If you’re in the market for a tire that delivers exceptional performance, durability, and value, the ExtremeContact Sport is an excellent option. Click the “Check Price” button below to discover the best deals available for this outstanding tire.

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