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First published: 04/19/2023 - Updated on: 04/28/2024

The Continental VikingContact 7 is a premium winter tire designed to provide drivers with excellent performance, safety, and comfort in the toughest winter conditions. With its advanced technology and innovative design, the VikingContact 7 delivers exceptional traction, handling, and durability, making it a top choice for winter driving. Read on to discover why the Continental VikingContact 7 should be on your radar when searching for the perfect winter tire.

Wheel Size (inches) Tire Sizes Available
14″ 175/65R14, 185/65R14, 195/70R14
15″ 175/65R15, 185/55R15, 185/60R15, 185/65R15, 195/60R15, 195/65R15, 205/60R15, 205/65R15, 205/70R15, 215/60R15, 215/65R15, 225/60R15
16″ 185/55R16, 195/50R16, 195/55R16, 205/50R16, 205/55R16, 205/60R16, 215/55R16, 215/60R16, 215/65R16, 225/55R16, 225/60R16, 225/65R16, 235/60R16, 235/65R16, 245/45R16
17″ 205/50R17, 215/45R17, 215/50R17, 215/55R17, 215/60R17, 215/65R17, 225/45R17, 225/50R17, 225/55R17, 225/60R17, 225/65R17, 235/45R17, 235/50R17, 235/55R17, 235/60R17, 235/65R17, 245/45R17, 245/50R17, 255/40R17, 255/45R17
18″ 215/45R18, 225/40R18, 225/45R18, 225/50R18, 225/55R18, 225/60R18, 235/40R18, 235/45R18, 235/50R18, 235/55R18, 235/60R18, 245/40R18, 245/45R18, 245/50R18, 255/35R18, 255/40R18, 255/45R18, 255/55R18, 265/35R18, 275/35R18
19″ 225/35R19, 225/40R19, 225/45R19, 235/35R19, 235/40R19, 235/45R19, 235/50R19, 235/55R19, 245/35R19, 245/40R19, 245/45R19, 255/35R19, 255/40R19, 255/45R19, 255/50R19, 265/30R19, 265/35R19, 265/40R19, 265/50R19, 275/30R19, 275/35R19, 275/40R19, 285/30R19, 285/35R19, 295/30R19, 295/35R19
20″ 225/35R20, 235/35R20, 245/35R20, 245/40R20, 245/45R20, 255/35R20, 255/40R20, 255/45R20, 265/35R20, 265/40R20, 265/45R20, 275/30R20, 275/35R20, 275/40R20, 285/30R20, 285/35R20, 295/30R20, 295/35R20, 295/40R20, 305/30R20, 315/35R20
21″ 245/35R21, 255/30R21, 265/40R21, 275/30R21, 275/35R21, 285/30R21, 295/30R21, 295/35R21
22″ 285/30R22, 295/25R22, 295/30R22


The VikingContact 7 is designed to deliver outstanding performance in challenging winter conditions, such as snow, ice, and slush. Its innovative tread pattern, advanced compound, and unique design features work together to provide a high level of grip, stability, and responsiveness, ensuring a safe and confident driving experience.

Technical Specs

  • Tire type: Winter tire for passenger cars, SUVs, and crossovers
  • Sizes available: Wide range of sizes from 15 to 21 inches
  • Construction: Radial
  • Load capacity: Varies depending on tire size and load index
  • Speed rating: T (118 mph) to H (130 mph), depending on size
  • Tread pattern: Directional with an aggressive pattern and dense sipes for improved traction
  • Tread compound: Continental’s proprietary winter compound with advanced silica technology for enhanced grip on ice
  • Warranty: Limited warranty, mileage warranty varies depending on tire size


The VikingContact 7 is designed to provide excellent traction in harsh winter conditions. Its directional tread pattern, aggressive block design, and high-density siping work together to create a strong grip on snow, ice, and slush. The tire’s advanced winter compound, with silica technology, ensures flexibility in cold temperatures, providing maximum traction and grip.


Continental’s VikingContact 7 is built to last, with a durable construction that resists wear and tear, even in extreme winter conditions. The tire’s advanced winter compound and sturdy construction contribute to its longevity, ensuring it remains reliable throughout its lifespan.

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The VikingContact 7 places a high emphasis on comfort during winter drives, providing a smooth and quiet ride. Its optimized tread pattern and construction help to minimize road noise and vibrations, ensuring a comfortable experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Fuel Efficiency

While winter tires are not typically known for their fuel efficiency, the VikingContact 7 is designed to minimize the impact on fuel consumption. Its low rolling resistance and advanced compound work together to reduce fuel consumption during winter driving, providing an eco-friendly option for drivers.


The VikingContact 7 offers responsive handling in winter conditions, allowing drivers to maintain control even on slippery and snow-covered roads. Its aggressive tread pattern and advanced compound ensure consistent grip and stability during cornering and other driving maneuvers.


This winter tire provides reliable braking performance on snowy and icy surfaces. Its directional tread pattern, dense sipes, and advanced compound work together to provide strong grip and shorter stopping distances in challenging winter conditions.


The Continental VikingContact 7 is designed to maintain stability on winter roads, ensuring a safe and confident driving experience. Its advanced tread design and compound contribute to its ability to maintain stability, even during sudden maneuvers in harsh conditions.

Tread Life

Although the VikingContact 7 does not come with a specific mileage warranty, its durable construction and advanced compound ensure that the tire maintains its performance throughout its lifespan. The tire’s longevity can be further extended with proper care, such as regular rotations and maintaining correct air pressure.


The VikingContact 7 is competitively priced compared to other high-performance winter tires. While the initial cost may be higher than some other winter tires, the VikingContact 7’s exceptional performance, durability, and comfort make it a worthwhile investment for drivers seeking top-quality winter tires.


Continental offers a limited warranty on the VikingContact 7, covering defects in materials and workmanship. The mileage warranty varies depending on the tire size, but proper maintenance and care can help prolong the life of the tire, ensuring optimal performance throughout its lifespan.


The VikingContact 7 is available in a wide range of sizes, from 15 to 21 inches, making it suitable for various vehicle types, including passenger cars, SUVs, and crossovers. It is essential to choose the correct tire size for your vehicle and its intended purpose to ensure optimal performance and safety.


As with any tire, it is crucial to ensure that the VikingContact 7 is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. Consult your owner’s manual or speak with a tire expert to confirm that the VikingContact 7 is the right choice for your car.

Brand Reputation

Continental is a well-established and highly respected tire manufacturer known for producing high-quality tires that prioritize safety, performance, and comfort. The VikingContact 7 is no exception, as it showcases Continental’s commitment to producing exceptional winter tires that cater to a wide range of drivers and vehicle types.

Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding traction and grip in winter conditions
  • Durable construction for extended lifespan
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Advanced compound for improved fuel efficiency
  • Wide range of sizes for various vehicle types


  • Higher initial cost compared to some winter tires
  • Limited mileage warranty depending on tire size

User Reviews

  1. “I recently switched to the VikingContact 7 for my SUV, and I’ve been extremely impressed with their performance in winter conditions. I feel confident driving on snowy and icy roads, and the ride is smooth and quiet. Highly recommend these tires!” – Sarah L.
  2. “I’ve been using the Continental VikingContact 7 on my sedan for two winters now, and they’ve performed flawlessly. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in traction and braking compared to my previous winter tires. Great investment for safety and performance.” – Mike R.
  3. “The VikingContact 7 tires have been a game-changer for my winter driving experience. They provide excellent traction on snow and ice, and I’ve never felt more in control while driving in harsh winter conditions. The added comfort and fuel efficiency are just a bonus!” – Karen G.

Who Should Buy

The Continental VikingContact 7 is an ideal choice for drivers who prioritize safety, performance, and comfort during winter driving. It is well-suited for various vehicle types, including passenger cars, SUVs, and crossovers. If you’re looking for a high-quality winter tire that delivers exceptional traction and handling in challenging conditions, the VikingContact 7 is a top contender.


The Continental VikingContact 7 is an outstanding winter tire that delivers exceptional performance, safety, and comfort in even the harshest winter conditions. With its advanced technology, durable construction, and innovative design, the VikingContact 7 is a top choice for drivers seeking a reliable and high-performing winter tire. Its wide range of sizes and compatibility with various vehicle types make it an excellent option for a variety of drivers. Experience the confidence and control that the Continental VikingContact 7 can provide during your winter drives.

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